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Recommended: - Find out how smart artificial intelligence really is in filing returns
15 April 2021, Thursday

Closing Date: 8 April 2021, Thursday or when spaces are filled

12.00 - 01.00PM
Online Classroom

Contact Rowan (6597 5719), Klaudia (6597 5717) or
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Programme Synopsis

Much has been said about developing greater efficiencies in tax compliance. Over the years, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore has continually tapped into the use of the Application Programming Interface (API).

To encourage more tax professionals to experience how digital solutions are changing the tax compliance work of the tax profession, the Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals is bringing back the popular online demo session with the one and only tax preparation solution that taps into the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

You may have attended the session last year and had some time to think about the various solutions available. It is time to get into the thick of the action. Join in this upcoming session either for a refresher or experience for the first-time how AI is changing the tax compliance scene - forever. 

Xion’s AI.TaxAssist is IRAS-approved and provides tax firms with a powerful AI engine to prepare draft tax returns. Come see how the solution automatically recognises patterns of revenue flow, expenses, fixed assets, and more to help make the tax function smarter and more efficient. See how the AI engine provides a better and more accurate statistical picture of your firm’s data over time. Seize the opportunity and have all your questions answered too! 

What is more! Interested SCTP members enjoy unlimited Form C-S assessments throughout 2021. Non-SCTP members receives unlimited Form C-S assessments till 15 November 2021.

Programme Outline

Get updated on what this digital solution offers and its features 
Learn how AI boosts the tax function’s productivity and aids in team communications, manage client data and evidence requests, and automate uploads of various financial statements and reports

About the Facilitator(s)

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Founded in 2018, Xion.AI is a Singapore registered tech company that is focussed on accelerating tax productivity by engineering solutions that drive your business forward.
Today, Xion boasts of offering AI.TaxAssist - the only AI-powered, IRAS-approved tax preparation system to have a direct connection with IRAS for Form C-S submissions.
With our combination of big data and deep machine learning expertise, Xion’s AI.TaxAssist can help you achieve agility at scale in a world where customers expectations and the volume of data are higher than ever. 


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