SCTP: While You Were Sleeping: RPA At Work

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Recommended: Experience and seize the power of robotic process automation (RPA)
10 September 2021, Friday

Closing date: 3 September 2021, Friday or when spaces are filled

10.30AM - 12.00PM

Tech check from 10.15am

Online Classroom

Contact Rowan (+(65) 6360 5979), Nabila (+(65) 6360 5969) or
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Programme Synopsis

Imagine an automated process logging in and updating your files and systems while you sleep so that you have everything ready to be reviewed and analysed  when you step into the office. That reality is here and many are already tapping into it. 

When it comes to harnessing technology, it is not just about adopting tax digital solutions for tax compliance. Technology has leapfrogged and the science fiction we may have grown up watching, is a reality today. Watch a simple robotic process automation (RPA) in action.

A plethora of examples of how RPA is leveraged in the accounting function can be found online such as the automation in keying of incoming receipts into the accounting system. These can easily be extended to various tasks in the tax function as well.

Intrigued? Come and find out more. To set you thinking on how the tax function or your practice may be transformed, join CFB Bots’ General Manager, Mr Liu Siyong, as he explains how RPA is applied in various aspects of accounting. You can even follow along with his demonstration to build your own simple bot! 

Programme Outline

  • Get an understanding of how RPA works - with demos and behind-the-scene hands-on experience
  • Know how to get started and understand the journey towards a much more productive workplace and job scope
  • Get started on thinking how RPA can transform your practice or team’s job functions in areas such as data validations and inputting data into tax systems and forms

About the Facilitator(s)

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Mr Liu Siyong
General Manager/ Founder
CFB Bots

Siyong is the founder of CFB Bots. His company’s mission is to power the next generation of smart businesses by leveraging digital technologies. His own vision is to help organizations unleash the full potential of their human workforce by making work enjoyable. Siyong’s personal journey in RPA started back in 2016 when he wrote his first UiPath script. Since then, he has had the privilege of having a front-seat in the rapid evolution of the RPA market in APAC. He is also a practitioner at heart, having helped enterprises across a wide range of industries implement RPA successfully.

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